Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hoops Cruz

I am residing in Santa Cruz California, after a very long and arduous journey in the Humboldt mountains. I have returned a new being. Rather raw from the the primitive nature of the mountains. Many outer layers peeled away. Fresh and renewed from the pyschic space of small mountain towns. Also the stagnation of my body and frigid air left me dying to hoop... Aching to hoop in fact. After the most marvelous New Years anyone could ever ask for, I left the bustling bay area for the open ocean views and circus spirit of Saints Cross. Where I have already met an amazing group of avid circus freaks. Every Sunday at the lighthouse lawn( if it's not raining) a beautiful group of people gather to practice their skills. Poi, staff, It's all quite amazing since you are right near a cliff over looking the majestic pacific ocean as the sun sets.

Over the holidays, James my dear friend and fellow hoop making extraordinaire made me the most perfect LED hoop ever. Sized just for me, collapsible, double battery for 8 hour life, rechargeable and has alternating slow and fast blinking lights. It pretty much is the best gift I have received in sooo long. I actually spent all of this past festival season saying to myself and others that I would give one of my kidneys for an LED hoop...So yes James and I are bonded for life. We are both glad that all of my organs are intact.

The peace pod has undergone many changes and transformations. New energies flowing in out through it. Recreating itself and and what it means to me. There was one night after too many drinks and too much of other substances, I reach the catalyst of my insanity. My peace pod turned into the pineal gland of the planet. It became transparent, like a iredescent reflective bubble. Inside of it was the entire universe and we were watching ourselves morph into rainbow light, we were watching ourselves go lose control of our minds. I have not regained my sanity since, and I hope I never do. Going crazy is the best thing that has happened to me since hoops.

There is joy and love in every breathe. What it means to accept, allow and never regret. I have been getting completely lost in my hoop lately. Going deeper and deeper into my core. Slowly dissolving the programing and condition of my youth. My hoop saved me, it saved me from the mundane, mediocre, the brain washing, the non creative forces, the timid, the shy, the lack of confidence, the stagnant qualities that form from inactivity. Hooping engages the portal that exists inside all of us. The circle is the most ancient sacred symbol for life, and has existed in every culture since the dawn of humanity. (the earth, moon,sun, planets-all circles) It heals by creating a vortex of energy that encircles, revolves around the entire body. Awakening and aligning every chakra. It corrects the direction at which the chakra is spinning while speeding it up. It grounds your root like a redwood tree deep into the earth while radiating your crown into the wide expanse of the cosmos. Connecting and activating your power as an extension of source energy. It increases blood circulation and thus vibrational frequency to the rate of spiral spiritual ascension. It deepens breathe filling every cell of your body with fresh prana and healing deepest pains in your soul.

Use hooping as your spiritual practice, your expression, your art, exercise, play, meditation. Time for you and you only. Be the Living God that you are- and spin your self into infinite joy.

Peace Love and Hoops
Libby 'Starbender' Woods


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings for a Hoopy 2010!
    Pixie Hoops

  2. ahh libby i love you!! this made me cry and smile out of pure joy. we surely miss you in austin, but are glad you are spreading love peace and light to all.